Anatolii Brusilovskii, Moltiplicazione del profilo, 1967 [detail]

We present here a selection of the book and periodical resources on the artistic-literary samizdat and of the online projects on the culture of dissent in the USSR and the tamizdat, which we used in researching this project.

Center “Andrei Belyi”, archive of samizdat journals and other materials, Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation)

Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat, University of Toronto (Canada)
Coordinator: A. Komaromi
Archive of Samizdat Journals:

Centre for Eastern European Studies, University of Bremen (Germany)
Coordinator: S. Schattenberg

International Memorial Association, archive of samizdat documents, Moscow (Russian Federation)
Coordinators: N. Laricheva, G. Kuzovkin

Research project “History of Dissent in the USSR: 1956-1987”.
Coordinators: G. V. Kuzovkin (dal 2008); A. Iu. Daniel’ (from 1990 to 2008)

Portal dedicated to the places of Terror and Dissent in Moscow.
Coordinator: A. Polivanova

Research and cataloguing project “DissInvent – DISSidences de l’Est en exil : INVENTAIRE, histoires, pratiques documentaires”, University of Paris Diderot – Bibliothèque La Contemporaine, Paris Nanterre (France)
Coordinator: S. Coeuré

On-line Project “Tamizdat project”, New York (USA)
Coordinator: Y. Klots

Project “Tra memoria e utopia: il samizdat come simbolo della cultura europea. Storia, confini, prospettive”
Department of Anglo-Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Padua (2009-2011)

Performance Art in Eastern Europe, University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Electronic archive “Vtoraia literatura”, ImWerden, Munich (Germany)
Coordinator: A. Nikitin-Perenskii

Fond “Iofe”, association created in 2000 by V. V. Iofe, Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation)

Samizdat Veka – Anthology of unofficial poetry
Coordinator: I. Akhmet’ev

Samizdat Archive, library “Vechi”

Library fonds of the Sakharov Centre

Digital archive of the Samizdat “Mitin Zhurnal” magazine

Digital archive of  “Vestnik RChD” magazine

Project and Digital Archive “Antologiia Samizdata”
Coordinator: V. Igrunov

“Chelovek protiv SSSR” project, “Arzamas Academy” portal,

Documentary materials of the exhibition “Sovetskoe neofitsial’noe iskusstvo ot A do Z” by the A. Zverev Museum in Moscow

Portal dedicated to the Chukovskii family